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HTZ is one of the most experienced manufacturers of automated robotic pipetting stations in the world. We focus primarily on applications requiring expertise in robotics, liquid handling and clinical diagnostics and provide automated solutions to a wide range of laboratories via our distributor network and OEM partners. If you have a need for an automated liquid handling solution then please contact us to discuss your detailed requirements.

New Products for 2018

HTZ is pleased to announce the launch of two new products for the first quarter of 2018:

Beeline 320sx - the latest in our range of automated IFA & ELISA instruments providing a compact, high-throughput instrument for the immunology laboratory

Qasar 500 - Our latest automated blood grouping system designed for processing batches of up to 96 samples in blood banks and donor centres

Beeline 320sx Q 500 Blood Grouping System
Beeline 320sx QASAR 500


Other Featured Products:

HTZ offers a comprehensive range of XYZ based robotic solutions for applications ranging from simple filling tasks to procedures involving more complex pipetting and dilution sequences eg as required by some infectious disease assays. HTZ offers automation for a very wide range of liquid handling tasks and other automated analytical procedures such as PCR, ELISA, molecular diagnostics, immunoassays.





Cherry Picking, Pipetting, Weighing and Labelling robot



Blood Grouping


Blood Grouping

IFA Automation



Beeline Automated Liquid Handling


Liquid Handling

  SELECTA - Tube ProcessorsTube Sorting Periflex filling systemsTube Filling Blood FractionationBlood Fractionation


RotaMixa 5000


Benchtop Mixer




Beeline 300sx

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