The Qasar 500 is a high-capacity, semi-automated blood grouping system designed to process batches of up to 96 samples at a time. It is suitable for the larger hospital blood bank and donor centres


Qasar IV















Applications include:

 ABO Grouping

 Rh Typing

 Antibody screening

 Cross matching


Modular Design

The Qasar 500 working platform is of modular construction and can be configured to suit the individual laboratory's requirements. The working platform has a total of 4 module locations, each of which can accommodate a module with a capacity for either 3 microplates or 16 gel cards. The total capacity is therefore 64 gel cards, or 12 plates or a mixture of both.

Choice of Reagents

The Qasar 500 allows you to chose which reagent system to use. A range of different card modules is available to match your current reagent requirements (BioRad, Ortho, Sanquin etc) and additional modules can be purchased should these change in the future.

Security and Safety

The Qasar 500 incorporates fully automated identification of samples, reagents, microplates and cards. Reagent lot numbers are checked against predefined criteria and processing commences. An active security shield provides additional protection against identification errors. If the shield is lifted during processing, the instrument stops and all components are automatically re-identified before processing commences.

Proven Technology

The Qasar 500 is based on the new Beeline "sx" platform and which offers the highest levels of performance in both pipetting accuracy and processing speed.

The Qasar 500 forms part of a complete system when used in conjunction with the Duet reader. This instrument captures images of both microplates and cards, interpreting the results using "Aurora" software. All data from the Qasar 500 is securely linked with the data obtained by the Duet itself.

Qasar IV Card Module

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