Robotic Sample Processors & AutoSamplers

HTZ offer a range of different robotic platforms, each of which can be adapted to automate a variety of liquid handling applications

Beeline 200 series    
Beeline 200 series
Beeline 300 Series

The Guardian is a high-capacity, high-throughput RSP system with a wide range of accessories. It is well established in a variety of demanding applications and environments and is designed for laboratories processing hundreds of samples each day. There are 2 Guardian platform sizes available namely the SP1 and the larger SP2.

The Beeline is our single probe robot and provides an extremely compact RSP platform yet still offers a high degree of flexibility in software and hardware. The Beeline platform is one of the most succesful small sample processors in the market with many thousands placed and is particularly suitable for OEM applications. The Beeline range comprises the 200, 300 and 400 series platforms to accommodate the different capacity requirements of a number of different applications.

The Beeline range includes: the Beeline 220 for IFA automation, the BeeGroup 300 for automated Blood Grouping, the Periflex tube and vial filling workstation.

For applications requiring simple introduction of sample to other instruments, such as spectrophotometers, flame photmeters etc, the Series 4000 autosampler provides all the flexibilty required for simple and succesful integration.


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