Automated IFA & ELISA System

The Beeline 420 is a highly flexible instrument providing cost-effective automation for both IFA and ELISA assays. As well as performing all the functions listed for the Beeline 220 it also performs fully automated barcode reading of samples and slides and has a capacity of 96 samples


The Beeline 420 performs all of the following main assay processes:


   Automated Sample Barcode Reading

   Automated Slide Barcode Reading

   Sample dilution and pipetting

   Slide and microplate washing

   Reagent addition

   Timed incubations




   Capacity for 15 slides & 96 samples

   Graphical processing display

   Easy to set up

   Multiple assay capability

   Comprehensive data logging

   Automated sample and slide barcode reading


   Robust and reliable



Beeline 420 Slide Carrier

Beeline 420













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