Beeline Accessories

The Beeline range has been adapted to a large number of applications. Some of the standard accessories are listed below


Wash Baths

The addition of a double-chamber wash bath will ensure that the probe tip can be wash thoroughly.. The probe can be sent to the wash reservoir at any time during a program.

Liquid Level Sensing

A choice of three methods of sensing liquid level guarantees that the sampling tip dips to a controlled position. Level detectors usually work by sensing a capacitance or resistance change, but a unique optical detector is recommended for non-conducting liquids.

Twin Z Drive

Two independently driven Z probes can be fitted: One for the diluter line and the second to transfer prepared samples to external instruments.

Disposable Tip Option

A new option for the Beeline range is the ability to work with disposable tips. The level detection systems allows the use of standard non-conductive tips for the greatest choice and lowest running costs.


A paddle mixer can be fitted to the Z drive to stir tube contents anywhere in the working area. Applications for this include pH measurement and mixing of viscous samples.

Special Models

HPLC injection valve

Special function models are available for specific applications (for example, oil sampling for FT-IR, sample preparation for HPLC). A special module for OEM use is also available comprising the XYZ mechanism without covers. This can be readily integrated into instrument systems.





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