Beeline 220 IFA Service Spares









Demo Consumables  
Silicone Tubing (Waste Bottle Assembly) 1.0 metre 2656/002
Dilution tubes in strips of 8 (pack of 1000) 2685/013
125ml Reagent Container (Polystyrene) packet of 10 2685/014
Vacuum Pump in-line Protection Filter 2800/036
1.0ml Syringe (Barrel and Piston) 7350/107
Dual Nozzle Probe 9972/201
Diluent Tubing and Sleeve (for System Fluid Bottle) 9972/208
Fuses 1 Amp for 230volt version (Pack of 10) 2070/001
Fuses 2 Amp for 115volt version (Pack of 10) 2070/002
3.0mm barbed rubber tubing connector 2785/029
Kluber Isoflex Low Temperature Grease MAT 9746
Silicone Grease 100 gram tube 2800/025
Miscellaneous Hardware  
M3x4 Black anodised Grub Screw (pack of 10) 2610/256
M4x5 SS Grub Screw (pack of 10) 2610/306
Flush mounted screw (for securing panels). Pack of 10 2610/309
Rack Locator with SS grub screw 9972/218
Probe Z Clamp 9972/502
Probe Support rod 6320/040
System Fluid Bottle assembly including tubing 9972/205
Solid State Relay 2096/060
EPROM programmed for IFA systems 7450/079
Level Sensing PCB Assembly 7750/040A
Z HOME Opto PCB Assembly 7750/061A
I/O Connection Expander PCB Assembly 7750/076B
Sample Processor PCB Assembly (Main Board) 7750/092C
Regulated Power Supply PCB Assembly 7750/094A
Syringe Drive  
Syringe Drive Assembly (complete) 9969/001
Solenoid Valve Assy (3 Port) with cable + PTFE washer 9972/500
Syringe/Valve Adaptor with PTFE washer 9972/501
Washing System  
Vacuum pump repair kit 2800/046
Vacuum Pump (24V) with electrical connector 9972/503
Waste Bottle assembly including tubing and filter 9972/203
Solenoid Valve assy (2 Port) including lead 9990/500
X Drive  
X HOME Double Opto Sensor Cable Assembly 5820/089
X HOME Opto Sensor PCB Assembly 7750/054A
X Drive Belt 9986/222
X HOME Double Opto Sensor Assembly (inclusive of mounting bracket) 9994/220
X Motor assembly 9986/227



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