Beeline Software Options

There are 4 different methods you can use to control the Beeline, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. A summary is listed below to help you chose which is the most suitable

RS-232 Simple "string" commands sent to the instrument control all instrument movements and pipetting directly Allows control by other instruments - such as HPLC, Spectrophotometers etc. Need to write programs at a relatively low level
On-board EPROM One or more programs are factory loaded into the Beeline's on-board computer memory.

Security (programs cannot be changed by operator)
No computer required
Programs can be selected by a switch on front of instrument.

Application needs to be programmed and modified by HTZ
Size of program limited
Rack layouts are fixed within EPROM

BeeWin PC based software package that drives Beeline by a sequence of commands that are saved as a "program".

Easy to build up a reasonably complex sequence of pipetting steps.
Easy to change rack layouts

No control of screen display
VisProg PC based software package that drives Beeline by a sequence of commands that are saved as a "program".

Allows highly complex sequences.
Programmable messages
Visual display
Can import and export data to and from spreadsheets, databases
Records errors
Interfaces with other software

Provides a level of sophistication not required by all applications
More complex to learn than BeeWin


Control of all probe movements in the XYZ axes plus operation of the diluter is from an external PC using HTZ's menu-driven software, or any computer via a comms link. This includes 2 programmable inputs and outputs to interface with ancillary equipment. Absolutely no previous computer experience is required, making Beeline extremely easy to use.


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