Specifications for the Compudil 310 & 320 Diluters

Accuracy and Resolution: Full stroke of all syringes in 5000 steps.
Where necessary, selected volumes are rounded down. Actual delivered volume: +/-0.5% of syringe volume.
Speeds: 9 speeds offering full stroke in 2-12 seconds.
Precision: CV: Better than 0.1%.
Chemical Resistance: All valves, syringes and tubing are manufactured from glass or PTFE-based materials for total chemical resistance (except HF and HF compounds).
Dimensions: 108mm(W) x 185mm(D) x 275mm(H).
Weight: 5.6kg, (packed for shipment: 7.0kg).

Ordering Information

9860/001 Compudil 310. Please specify voltage
(Excludes syringes).
9860/002 Compudil 320 Please specify voltage
(Excludes syringes).
9860/204 Handset with cable for the Compudil 310 Solenoid valve ONLY
(excludes tubing).
9557/204 Handset with cable for the Compudil 320 Motorised valve ONLY,
for use with tubing inside diameter of 3.2mm (excludes tubing).

Compudil 310 & 320

The Compudil 310 & 320 provide high-performance pipetting with a choice of 9 selectable on-board programs


  Simple push button program selection

  9 program memory

  Volumes from 1ul - 25ml

  Lightweight handset

  Motorised or solenoid valve options










The Compudil 310 and 320 diluters are both controlled by a pre-programmed on-board controller.Up to 9 user defined programs can be specified which allow independent operation of the valve and the number of steps, direction and speed of the syringe. A front panel switch allows easy selection of a particular program.

The Compudil 310 allows syringe sizes between 50 microlitres and 5 mls and is fitted with a Solenoid valve.

The Compudil 320 allows syringe sizes between 50 microlitres and 25mls and is fitted with a Motorised valve. This gives slightly higher accuracy at lower volumes.

Spare Parts: Compudil 310 , Compudil 320













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