Compudil LR

The Compudil LR is designed as an OEM module and offers a choice of 9 easily interchangeable syringes and 3 motor-driven valve blocks



The Compudil LR diluter is the cost-effective answer for automation of a wide variety of liquid dispensing applications. It is a compact, single syringe drive unit offering the full versatility and precision of the Compudil range, but in a panel mounted, RS232 serial link controlled, module.

The Compudil LR is ideal for large-scale process control installations, or in single-function dedicated analysers. The drive technology is the same as that integrated into the Beeline range of robotic pipetting stations.

Syringes and other optional parts for the Compudil LR can be viewed HERE.
















Accuracy and Resolution: Full stroke of all syringes in 5000 steps.
Where necessary, selected volumes are rounded down. Actual delivered volume: +/-0.5% of syringe volume.
Speeds: 10 speeds offering full stroke in 2-12 seconds.
Precision: CV: Better than 0.1%.
Chemical Resistance: All valves, syringes and tubing are manufactured from glass or PTFE-based materials for total chemical resistance (except HF and HF compounds).
Dimensions: 57mm(W) x 108mm(D) x 264mm(H).
Weight: 2.0kg, (packed for shipment: 2.5kg).















Ordering Information

9855/001 Compudil LR syringe module with rotary valve, (Excludes syringes).
9855/002 Compudil LR syringe module with solenoid valve, (Excludes syringes).










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