Contract Manufacturing


HTZ offers a comprehensive contract manufacturing facility to help bring your product to market rapidly


Why outsource your manufacturing ?

You may be in a position where you have a brand new product and have the first few prototypes out in the field for evaluation. You have had a good customer response and are now fully confident that your product is going to be a winner. The only problem is that you lack the facility to get the product made. You could of course set about developing a manufacturing operation yourself. After all it can't be that difficult, surely ?

Unfortunately not. Setting up a cost effective, routine manufacturing is not that easy. Although none of it is "rocket science" it still takes considerable time to gain the experience and to recruit the right people throughout an organisation to perform all the necessary processes involved in manufacturing consistently high-quality products. It requires a lot of dedication and a wide diversity of skills. It is particularly difficult to achieve for the laboratory equipment market where stringent regulations apply and a wider than average range of technical skills are required.

Some key tasks include:

  Finding the space and suitable location

  Staff recruitment

  Staff training

  Supplier selection


  Stock control

  Manufacturing documentation

  Setting up procedures and controls


Can you be sure that you will be able to recruit the right number and quality of staff to produce the sales volume ? And what happens to your cash flow during the peaks and troughs in demand that appear to be an inevitable characteristic of the laboratory equipment market. The costs involved in setting up and running a manufacturing operation are particularly high for single product line manufacturing.

Some of the costs in setting up a manufacturing organisation, like the staff overheads are both obvious and measurable. However, it is the hidden costs that are the most dangerous. To be truly successful, we believe you need to concentrate your efforts and resources in setting up the right marketing and supporting your new product worldwide. After all you have identified the market opportunity

What's more, you need to ensure that your design team remain focused on developing both the innovative and market led product enhancements to maximise your competitiveness. It is all too easy for those people to end up being too heavily involved in the technical management of the manufacturing process. Using HTZ as your contract manufacturing partner avoids this problem.

What can HTZ offer as a contract manufacturer?

At HTZ we have all necessary engineering resources and skills already in place ready to take your product from the "drawing board" and into final production. A thorough understanding of both the manufacturing process and the laboratory equipment market ensures that we know what questions to ask and can anticipate where possible problems may arise. We have significant experience in transferring the technology and expertise required to build a product and integrating it into our own systems.

We can offer one or more of the following capabilities:

  Rapid prototyping facility

  Mechanical design engineering

  Software engineering

  Electronic engineering

  Production engineering


  Full commissioning and final laboratory testing

  Project management


All these activities operate within our ISO 9001:2000 quality system and are supported by the various other essential functions such as purchasing, stock control, packing, shipping, accounts needed for etc.

As well as our in-house manufacturing capability, we also make use of an extensive network of audited suppliers with whom we have built up strong working relationships over many years. They provide a variety of more specialist capabilities to complement our own.

For more information on contract manufacturing please contact our marketing manager.

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