BEELINE SX Accessories

The BEELINE SX series can be configured with a variety of accessories to suit your particular application and requirements. Some of the options are described below


Disposable tip option
The pressure based sensing option enables the BEELINE to process liquids using tandard disposable tips. It incorporates two separate sensing systems for maximum security providing one of the most advanced systems currently available in disposable tip based pipetting stations. The BEELINE Tiplook sensor checks that tips have been picked up correctly and remain in place throughout pipetting.

Secondly, a unique intelligent pressure sensing system is used to: Reject blocked tips Detect liquid surface Check for blocks during aspiration Check liquid is successfully aspirated Detect blocked tips when dispensing A significant added bonus of HTZ’s sensing technology is that proprietary* disposable tips may be used. This reduces running costs and allows the optimum choice of tip for the specific test. The use of transparent tips makes it easier to confirm visually that everything is working correctly.

Vortex wash module

This option provides the maximum washing efficiency for the outer part of the probe and is particularly useful when processing viscous liquids such as milk or where the probe has to be fully immersed in the sample. A separate flow of liquid rapidly washes the exterior surface whilst the interior of the needle may be washed by the syringes. The waste is collected by vacuum in a separate reservoir.


POWA Wash module

POWeR Wash
The POWA Wash (Peristaltic Operated Wash Accessory ) improves washing efficiency of the probe’s interior surfaces by using a peristaltic pump to achieve a high wash flow rate than can be achieved by syringes alone. It is designed for applications requiring low carryover but where the use of disposable tips is inappropriate eg. where processing very large volumes or where running costs need to be as low as possible.

Application specific probes

The demands of different applications handled by BEELINE sample processors has led to the development of a wide variety of probe types - each optimised for a specific purpose. The probe types available include:

4_Nozzle_Probe   Probe Type Application
  Tantalum Processing solutions of strong acids e.g Aqua Regia
  PTFE Totally inert liquid handling
  Mixed Diameter Processing both small and large volumes precisely (with capacity of up to 5.5mls)
  4 Nozzle Rapid serial dilutions and reagent transfers
  Large Bore Processing particulate media without blocking













Speed and precision with large volumes
A high-speed precision peristaltic pump unit provides the ability to dispense large volumes rapidly. Special software controls the pump to correct for pulsation and achieves very high reproducibility even for small volumes. The pump is also particularly suitable for processing particulate solutions as it contains no valves. As the entire fluid path can be readily autoclaved it is also suitable for dispensing sterile solutions.


Automated gravimetric checking
HTZ's GraviChek option further enhances security by enabling gravimetric checks to be performed by pipetting directly into a 4 or 5-figure balance located on the working platform of the BEELINE. Data can be automatically captured into a spreadsheet for analysis of precision and accuracy. Automatic “self calibration” procedures can also be performed to confirm accuracy and automatically adjust volumes when using the peristaltic pump.

A separate GraviCheck weighing module forms an integral component of the SELECTA tube processing instrument. This is a combination of hardware accessories installed on a BEELINE 400 instrument for performing tube


Plate Washer AttachmentPlate washer attachment
Enables the BEELINE range to perform rapid microplate plate washing when performing automated ELISA assays.

A dual nozzle probe is firtted in the Z1 location and a 4-nozzle plate washer in the Z2. The attachment is connected up to a separate unit containing a pressure and vacuum pump.







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